One Day Room Makeover

ReDesign Quickie

Room makeover before Maybe Rome wasn't built in a day but you would be surprised as to what we can accomplish in just a few short hours with our ReDesign Ouickie service. After an initial consultation to determine your needs and lifestyle issues - we get down to business.

We "shop your house", working with what you have, rearranging furniture and decorative items, we'll remove, rework and redo to achieve a harmonious, comfortable and beautiful room. You'll know in advance if there are new things that need to be purchased. The only surprise you'll receive is the delight in your newly refurbished space.

Room makeover after TakeCenterStage prides itself on our professionalism. We will handle your project from beginning to end, no matter what the size. Our team of experts will work within your budget taking care to meet all of your expectations within a reasonable period. With our guidance, it will be easy to make decisions, move forward with your projects and end up with the well-designed home of your dreams.

We have the resources to make it happen - right down to the finishing touches.