Conni, I can't thank you enough for everything you did! Who knew that not only would you make the house beautiful but that you would bring in the buyer!!! All the best, Dahlia

Dear Conni. We liked the idea of staging our home from the get-go, but after your first visit we got really excited because of your bright perspectives, good energy and great taste...we were highly motivated by that and it has helped us a lot in the process of preparing for the staging process. It was great to have you and your team over. You did a tremendous job by putting everything on it's head and making it look fabulous. Our daughters were over yesterday and all we could hear was: "O, my G-d, WOW, Look at this!!!!...Wonderful, I can't believe it.. etc... The outcome is fantastic and we are so grateful to you and your team - your are a really special group of talented designers. The pictures are fantastic and we definitely will use them for the listing – the hard part is to choose which 6 out of so many :-) We will keep you posted on how things proceed. Thanks again for a job well done and best wishes in everything... Marina and Paul.

Though I was skeptical at first about "home staging", I called "Take Center Stage" when I was stuck with a listing in Great Neck, NY for over a year. Conni ended up staging every room in this four bedroom home, including the kitchen. She also advised me to change the shutters on the outside as well as the door and it would make a big impact. I did everything she suggested. Conni worked amazingly hard to get the house ready for a planned open house. Well, to make a long story short, we ended up cancelling because this home sold to the first person that looked at it after it was staged. Nick Cerrato, Broker

I use Conni for every home I list. The impact has been amazing! The most recent home she staged has been on the market for 6 months before I engaged her services – after her staging magic it took less than a week before we went into contract. George Kallem, Broker, East Coast Realtors

Conni - Thank you again for all your help! The apartment looks a thousand times better! Meghan

We hired a decorator spent a ton of money, were frustrated, felt ripped off and all we had to show for it were drapes that she managed to order for all that money. Then, we were getting ready to move, and hired a stager. She came in, moved our furniture around, did some other magic with some material, hung some curtains and pictures, and other various things and gave us a list of stuff to buy (lamps and what not). You cannot believe the difference in our place. It looks like it came out of a magazine. It looked pretty crappy before too. Wow, if you could see it. It's amazing. The whole thing cost us approx 2 to 3K. That is the best 2 to 3K I have ever spent in my life. I wish I had done it years before this. We lived like college kids with a little nicer furniture for our whole lives. Had no idea how to place furniture or hang pictures at the right level, etc. Her info is as follows: Conni D'Emidio Accredited Staging Professional 917-916-7056 This woman was THE nicest woman and she did such a fantastic job that I really hope someone else can benefit from this info too.
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