The way we live in a home and the way we sell a house are two different things.

Home Staging Services

Home staging Our Home Staging service prepares your home for sale, whatever the price range, condition or location of your home. Our professional stagers use a set of guidelines to work room by room, inside and outside your home to have it looking its best, before you put it on the market.

  • You never get a second chance to create a great first impression
  • Staging will create the best view of each room, the best traffic pattern through the home, the best curb appeal.
  • The way we live in a home and the way we sell an apartment or a house are two different things.
  • We'll help your home sell faster and for the highest possible price!

The ultimate goal of Staging is to place the home in its best showcase condition, to allow it to sell for the best possible price in the shortest possible time.

Owner Occupied

Apartment decoration We come to your home for an initial consultation. At that time we will take notes and pictures. Depending on your needs, we may make suggestions to you on how to rearrange your home yourself, or you may decide to have us do the work.

We always work with what you have. We will move furniture and accessories around, maybe from room to room. We may ask you to store some items or we may suggest to enhance your home with some new and updated accessories. Sometimes we will initiate complete transformations and sometimes we'll just "tweak" an area.

We will work within your budget and we will teach you why investing a small amount in getting your home ready for sale is likely to yield a huge return. After all, most of us have our cars detailed before we sell them. Your equity in your home is usually much greater than the equity in your car, why not invest appropriately?

We are a very creative and success driven team, and take pride in helping you get the biggest possible return on your investment.


Room design We will assess your listing for a rough cost estimate at no charge. Vacant apartments and houses actually look smaller than they are. Expertly placed furniture and accessories will play up the positive features of the room and will take the guessing work out for potential buyers. A staged apartment almost always sells before, and for more, than the empty apartment next door.

We work with excellent furniture rental companies and can offer contemporary, transitional or traditional furnishings. We will shop for the most current accessories and window treatments, specially chosen for your space.

You will end up with an exquisitely staged property, ready for photos, internet marketing and print ads.